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    Development Strategy

    The long-term development strategy of Siam Brothers Vietnam aims to become the Number 1 provider of logistics of fish industry in Vietnam in particular and in Southeast Asia in general.

    During this period, Siam Brothers Vietnam identified three important levers in achieving our mission including:

    Developing strategic human resources management.

    Maintaining and managing distribution activities with the goal of sustainable development.

    Planning and implementing knowledge, improvement and changing management areas.

    Siam Brothers Vietnam will prioritize completion of the following strategic objectives:

    For customers:

    Achieving a high satisfactory level of customers in product quality, reasonable price and distribution system.

    For corporate management:

    Becoming a proven well-structured, professionally managed firm.

    Becoming a working environment where employees can best leverage their abilities, contribute to overall achievement, and become one of the top businesses that employees rate as ideal for long-term working.


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